The purpose of the organization is to work in collaboration with public and private entities to positively impact the Smith River Corridor. Activities conducted by the Smith River Habitat Project focus on improvement of wildlife habitat and rangeland along the Smith River through facilitation and application of education, research, and best management practices.

The Smith River Habitat Project (SRHP) is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) formed in 2003. The organization is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors representing a cross-section of communities that care for and use the Smith River for work and play. The Smith River Habitat Project operates on charitable donations, special grants, and hard working volunteers. 

Our primary areas of focus include

  1. Education and Awareness
    Providing educational opportunities and raising awareness among river recreationists, landowners, outfitters, policy makers, and the general public about invasive plant issues so that they may become active contributors to the solutions.
  2. Research & Assessment
    Facilitating research opportunities that will contribute to the knowledge base of “best management practices” for invasive plant management and sustainable plant communities; and to assess and quantify invasive plant populations and impacts, and evaluate management efforts.
  3. Cooperative Weed Management
    Facilitate the development and maintenance of the Smith River Corridor Cooperative Weed Management Area, and provide support for implementing on-the-ground management efforts outlined in a management plan.


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