The ability of river users to identify, avoid, and report weed populations to land managers can help to prevent establishment and further spread into non-infested areas.

One of the primary goals of the Smith River Habitat Project is to educate and raise awareness among floaters, landowners, outfitters, policy makers, and the general public about invasive plant issues so that they may become active contributors to the solution.

Awareness and education efforts support each of SRHP’s program areas.

  1. River Recreation Stewardship Packet
    (Planned for 2018. Available online / print for river distribution)
    Will include materials to help river recreationists identify invasive plant species, remove them safely and effectively, avoid spreading seeds, and/or report their occurrence as part of the Clean Campsites programs.
    Available now: Handout for Floaters and Brochure.
  2. Invasive Plant Management Resource Library (online)A compilation of key publications, websites, and other resources for topics to help land managers apply best management practices.
  3. Events
    SRHP hosts events that bring the Smith River community of landowners, recreationists, outfitters, and other concerned citizens together to celebrate accomplishments, learn about invasive plants, and implement sound management practices.